Inheritance Property Agreement

If the division of ownership is done under the law, the best option would be to enter into a land-sharing agreement. The publication presented helps you to familiarize yourself with the procedure and rules for drafting the act. The Court will probably consider whether the inheritance contains a part of the relational patrimony: if the heritage cannot be split, the right of pre-emption applies to an indivisible cause – it is received by the co-owner or user of the deceased`s property (Article 1168 BGB of the Russian Federation). The procedure will be as follows. The first one. The successors then claim their rights to the estate within 6 (six) months. At the end of the procedure, they can, by mutual agreement, distribute the property that is shared, at their discretion. A succession agreement is a multilateral transaction because it is concluded on the condition that the assets are inherited from a group of people (two or more). Heirs can only share the property that belongs to them on the basis of a common condominium. In other words, before entering into an amicable agreement, each of the co-heirs must receive a certificate of estate law from a notary.

The division of property before obtaining such a certificate is only possible if there is no real estate in the inheritance. All human beings are faced with the loss of close relatives. As a general rule, after the death of a person, the heirs who claim the deceased`s property remain. If there are several, then one of the options is. The rates of notaries are regulated by law, so they are the same for all specialists. However, it also offers a specialist in legal and technical services, so the cost of notary services is the cost of rates and services. In the context of registration, the notary issues a certificate of succession to ascendants who claim the estate, which bears the activity roughly as follows: at the legislative level, however, heirs are not prohibited from sharing the benefits of common property, not by shares, but by convention. This requires the agreement of all members of the transaction. Due to such a distribution, the ownership received by each of the successors cannot match its original volume.

The sharing of hereditary property is done in different ways. Common ownership may be terminated if some of the successors are identified in kind.