Holdout Agreement

Griesa said these bankers would have to distribute the money evenly among all bondholders – holdout and not – if he paid someone. But for now, the threat remains Cook`s most powerful card, which remains to be played. The Vikings could call his bluff very easily, knowing that Cook`s incentive to stay away is not far from what it was. Maybe a holdout isn`t worth it anymore. The NFL`s newest Holdout is involved in Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. In Visual Studio 6, Visual Basic was the last big holdout. When the new collective agreement was ratified in March, all parties welcomed the work stoppage and the continuation of peace at work until the 2020s. The Senators clearly won this holdout, even though Yashin would end up getting a nice paycheck, courtesy of the New York Islanders. Sean Gilbert has a scary connection to this list. Not only is this a holdout affair, but he is also the uncle of The New York Jets` cornerback, Darrelle Revis, by Mike Tanier, who wrote for the New York Times. The common narrative about the chancellor`s attitude will be “he bows,” and it is certainly easy to see that on the surface. But I tend to look at these things at a longer time. I want to know how much of this wonderful money – I feel it could be anything – has been allocated and, more importantly, how this contractual situation will finally be resolved.

Contracts are organised regularly in the field of sport. Money speaks like a Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker Flick. In the end, there is usually a winner and a loser when it comes to those old financial showdowns to the west. The look of participating and being paid as his colleagues – Sherman and Thomas both got lucrative deals after the chancellor signed a weaker extension in 2013 – he stood firm. Two weeks after the NFL season, the holdout ended when No. 31 finally returned to the field. One of the first holdouts in baseball history actually came through two Pitcher Hall of Fame. The craziest part is that it happened at the same time. These examples are automatically selected from different online message sources to reflect the current use of the word “holdout.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us comments. The next form of holdouts, which falls under our ad, is known as “Cuff Holdout.” Darrelle Revis` second run with the New York Jets seems unlikely if you remember her epic holdout before the 2010 season and the circumstances that followed. Russell destroyed himself and gave the Raiders Nation one of the worst career arcs in franchise history.

But this man was always paid like a king. In terms of holdouts and dollars, he came out victorious. Before his legendary holdout in 1973, Dryden had already enjoyed a Conn Smythe Trophy as well as two Stanley Cups. He was at the head of his trade, and he wanted to get paid for it. Jeremy Piven was the holdout, but he was convinced (and he gets paid for it). Although Led Zeppelin has been reunited several times, Plant is the only stop on a long Led Zeppelin tour. But I think Steve Austin has to partner with a Japanese holdout to prevent a nuclear bomb from going off the gas.