Apgb Agreement

Data covered by the APGB agreement and available via WMS is made available free of charge to users of local authorities throughout England and Wales. (For users in Scotland, additional charges may be charged.) The agreement is not just aerial photographs. Among the available data sets, the firm`s office will implement a new contract for aerial photography and altitude data and web services to replace the Aerial Photography for Great Britain (APGB) agreement. This new contract includes 2 lots that cover the current and future needs of the public sector. 25cm and high products are licensed for an unlimited period of time. The 12.5 cm is granted until the end of the contract (March 2020?) and must then be purchased for reuse (unless a new contract is replaced). And now the same concept is applied to aired photography by the APGB frame, which represents Aerial Photography for Great Britain. It was launched in early April 2018 and issues a free-use licence to all public sector organisations. This agreement is between the central government and a consortium of two commercial air survey companies; Getmapping Plc and Bluesky International Ltd.

The duration of the agreement is two years, with the potential to extend it in the future. So it`s not as long as his Big Brother deal, the PSGA, but it`s still an opportunity for the public sector as a whole to really get their hands on the data that comes out really well. The APGB agreement gives the public sector in England, Scotland and Wales free access to the place of use of 6 basic products and services under a centrally funded licensing agreement. From what I`ve seen on the APGB website (www.apgb.co.uk/), the resolution of 12.5 cm aerial photos has some shortcomings throughout the country, while the 25cm resolution seems to be a complete British coverage? Both recordings are available in the TIFF, ECW and JPG images. Everyone knows (hopefully) the PSGA. Now there is a new acronym on the block; APGB. We look at the new agreement, the data and how it affects our customers in local government. In addition to access via WMS, authorized organizations can also download data from a newly created APGB online mapping site – apgb.blueskymapshop.com or receive data with delivery on storage media such as the hard drive or USB stick.