Vmplayer License Agreement

In addition to the 3molos response, not without the written consent of VMware. VMware Workstation Player, formerly VMware Player, is a virtualization software for x64 computers using Microsoft Windows or Linux, provided free of charge by VMware, Inc.[3], a company that was once a division of Dell EMC and whose majority shareholder is still a majority shareholder. VMware Player can run existing virtual appliances and create its own virtual machines (which require a functional installation of an operating system). It uses the same virtualization core as VMware Workstation, a similar program with more features that is not free. VMware Player is available for personal, non-commercial use[4] or for distribution or any other use by written agreement. [5] VMware, Inc. does not officially support Player, but there is an active community website to discuss and resolve issues[6] as well as a knowledge base. [7] “ACE customer license” refers to an individual or volometric license key that gives you the right to install and use virtual ACE computers on a number of devices for which you have paid the corresponding fee. 1.2 “GPL Software” refers to the GPL software that is licensed to you by GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation (GPL). A copy of the GPL is contained on the media on which you received the software or in the files you downloaded when you purchased the software electronically.

VMware Player is free for personal, non-commercial use. VMware Player can only be distributed with the written permission of VMware. Please apply here to request a sales contract. The software contains third-party products, including, but not limited to, the Microsoft WinPE development tool and Microsoft® Windows® pre-installation environment, version 2005 (“Products”), which are called “software.” In addition to the license agreement provided in conjunction with the Software, you agree below on the following licensing conditions and restrictions on your use of the Software: 6.2 Termination Effect. In the event of termination, you must destroy all copies of the software and software license key. In addition, you must remove all copies of the software, including all backup copies, from the server and from all the computers and terminals on which it is installed. From time to time, VMware may change the terms of this C.A. VMware will inform you of this change. Your continued use of the software will signal your consent to the change. 8.1 Full agreement. This contract defines all the liability of VMware and your exclusive recourse to the software and replaces the terms of orders and other pure or advertising messages about the software. You acknowledge that this agreement is a complete explanation of the agreement between you and VMware regarding the software and that there are no other prior or simultaneous agreements, promises, assurances or descriptions regarding the software.

VMware Player also comes with VMware workstation distribution, which can be used in facilities where not all customer users are allowed to use the full VMware workstation. In an environment where the VMware Player is run on some unlicensed VMware Workstation computers, a virtual machine created by Workstation can be distributed to computers where drives are run without paying for additional workstation licenses if they are not used commercially. [12] 3.9 Review rights. You keep accurate records of your use of the Software, as authorized by this CLA, for at least two (2) years from the last day that support and subscription services (“Services”) expired for the corresponding software. VMware or VMware designated persons have the right, at any time during the period, to keep these records, to check these records and computer equipment, to verify that you are using the Software in accordance with the terms of this C.A. and that you have paid the software`s royalties and service charges. provided that VMware cannot perform more than one (1) audit over a 12-month period.