Tolling Agreement Betekenis

2 And below referred to as common parts and parts. CONSIDERING: 1. [Toller] has a [type of production facility] that converts [the raw material] into [type of energy]; 2. [Super] wants to deliver [Super] [Gross Matter] and, after processing this [raw material] to [energy type], buy [the type of energy] and get [Super] [raw material] to turn it into [type of energy], it wants to deliver it again; 3. This agreement establishes the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties and defines the conditions under which steam/heat will be provided; 4. The project brings mutual benefits through the direct supply of [type of energy]; AGREED: Article 1 Definitions For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: Biomass Collection Centre: Appendix: Effective Date: Date of Entry: Date of Entry: Place of Delivery: 2 Article 1 Definitions 1.1 The terms indicated in this licensing agreement with a first letter of capital have the meaning assigned to it in this article. Computer configuration: the hardware of course, the details of each intercompany manufacturing contract will be different in all cases, and the key is to design a contractual relationship agreement that corresponds to how the group actually works, with the fiduciary obligations of the executives of each participating unit and with the group`s guidelines on compliance with transfer prices. A toll management agreement is a two-party contract in which a tolling service provider, a contract processor or a “toll” agrees to produce a customer`s product for an agreed fee or a “toll.” The agreement, which benefits both parties, provides the customer with low-cost manufacturing services while guaranteeing a long-term contract for the toll service provider. Toll manufacturing contracts can save your business a lot of time. Putting your product on the market can be a long process, especially if you are trying to acquire the necessary equipment and additional staff. The time to order and install new machines is taken care of, because the machines you need are already installed in another company and are waiting. Making tolls can help you get your products to market as quickly as possible, which can be especially useful when products are in high demand and not in stock.

1 Toll Contract 1.1 Description This agreement relates to a toll contract between a toll and a toll. The tolle provides the toll with a specific raw material (for example. B biomass). As a result, this raw material is transformed into a certain type of energy in its installation. The energy is then handed over to the big one. In exchange for the transformation of the raw material into energy, the toll is subject to a specific fee to the taxpayer. These include the operating costs of installing the toll, but also a charge for the maintenance of the facility, a profit margin for the toll booth and all taxes or other government taxes. It is important that the toll contract clearly indicates where the toll will provide the raw material concerned (supply point) and where it again reduces the energy produced from the raw material (collection point) and which bears the risks (volume risk, price risk, technical risk). Items. 12 in the case of subcontracting, each contracting party may have the right to sign its commitments, subject to the prior written agreement of the other party.