Snohomish School District Collective Bargaining Agreement

Our school district lawyers strive to help clients achieve their goals. We proactively advise you, help our clients meet challenges successfully and are external consultants. We also offer transaction advice and process representation in a wide range of issues and issues. Welcome to the Snohomish School District. Thank you for choosing our school district. As a foster teacher or substitute educator, you play an important role in our district`s educational process. It was decided that the children will now spend a full year of their K-12 training with a foster teacher. It is in this context that you can see the importance of your role. Principals and headteachers are systematically confronted with unique problems, which have immediate legal consequences and require immediate action. We develop close relationships with school administrators so that we can provide accessible services in case of emergency. With decades of practice in school law, we offer them accessible, timely and informed advice. We have extensive experience as a general and external advisor to Western Washington school districts and provide timely and informed legal advice and representation in areas, including: Our school practice is dedicated to addressing the full range of legal needs for our school district clients. We understand the challenges and problems facing school districts and administrators, and our experience allows us to provide thoughtful legal advice in an early hours.

We have a special telephone line for student assistance/family/portable computers for devices issued by the district. Students and families can call 360-563-3000 for live technical assistance from 7:30 a.m. .m to 2 .m, Monday to Thursday and 7:30-11:30 .m. We know that our Pacific Northwest weather can be unpredictable. Please take a few minutes to verify this information to find out what you can expect in the event of a weather event or power outage during a school day. It is difficult when things happen that aprior, and we thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility. As school trustees, we advise school districts on legislative and legal issues that could affect the operation of the school. In some circumstances, these issues require changes in school policy and procedures; We are available to design clients and help them implement new policies and procedures. Mandatory Pathogen Pathogen training is mandatory When you are hired, you will receive an email from SafeSchools. You can start immersing yourself before you complete this training.

However, this requirement must be met within 14 days to continue to disappear for the Snohomish School District. If you have met with another district or employer in Washington State, please send the class proof to or send a copy to our office. We represent school districts and advise administrators on pressing issues, transaction issues and process representation. We represent school districts in numerous disputes and administrative matters, including washington state and Federal Courts, PERC, PDC, The Washington Human Rights Commission, EEOC, OCR, Special Education eligibility and placements, accommodations and hearings regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and OSPI. Many of the legal issues relating to school districts are similar to those of businesses and require representation in contractual matters, employment, real estate, construction, land use and taxation.