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PandaTip: The specific language of this clause is important because it reflects the language used by the courts to set a precedent for the applicability of a confidentiality agreement like this. PandaTip: You can add concrete examples of confidential information you want to protect. For example, if you want to protect yourself from software code disclosure, you can add “software code” to the list. PandaTip: In the paragraph above, provide a brief description of the relationship – z.B. “The unveiling party will support the receiving party in a way X.” Instead of having “established a business relationship,” you will often say that they are forming a business relationship, as you often enter into a confidentiality agreement before establishing a business relationship. The provisions of Sections 2 and 3 are not considered to be a prohibition on disclosure made mandatory by law or by the court order, but the receiving party undertakes to give the party who has been the subject of appropriate advance notice and the possibility of challenging or minimizing such disclosure. Throughout this confidentiality agreement and the receiving party`s business relationship with the revealing party, and at any time after the termination of that relationship, the receiving party will do what is necessary to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of the disclosure party`s business secrets. In addition, at the end of this relationship, the receiving party cannot use or disclose the trade secrets of the party that has disclosed, as long as they remain trade secrets. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the parties executed this confidentiality agreement, both contracting parties, by its official duly accredited on the date and year indicated below. Immediately after the termination of the relationship between the revealing party and the receiving party, the receiving party makes all documents relating to confidential information or trade secrets held by the receiving party. These are the conditions that apply to our affiliate marketing program. If you participate in this program, these apply to you.

For the purposes of this confidentiality agreement, the following terms are defined as:b. “Confidential information,” “confidential information,” as long as it is not a business secret held by the revealing party, and refers to the revealing party, including. B: business plans, strategies, existing or proposed offers, costs, technical developments, financial or commercial projections, investments, marketing plans or training information, materials and [CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATIONS EXAMPLES]. HubSpot partner or do you plan to become one? Check out the programs below. CONSIDERING that the public party and the receiving party have established, through this confidentiality agreement, a relationship by which the receiving party may be exposed to certain confidential information of the public party it wishes to protect.