Agreement Sve

Other points of the agreement include deductions for the costs of crossing the Oresund Bridge and deductions for pension contributions. It was a late night at the end of March 2019. I never thought I was unhappy with everything I already had, and yet something was really missing: a real job. I`ve been teaching English since I was in high school, since I`ve been bilingual, it`s been 12 years now, and in a way, this activity has always made me money. On the other hand, I always felt that it was not enough, especially to make a living. I felt that at the beginning of my 28th birthday, a bachelor`s degree in musicology, the experience of music as a drummer and event organizer and manager, and an extreme love of languages and cultures, I had to do something important for myself. I wanted to plan my life “alone” and away from home and family. I never thought I was stupid or stupid, or that something was wrong with me, and still not finding a job, it was really frustrating for a qualified person my age. I never thought that Le Torino, my beautiful Turin and Italy are ugly places to live, but the situation was pushing me every day more and more “my place”. So while everywhere in my hometown my profile was not welcome, I felt that there was something waiting for me there that I really needed to discover. And then something happened. There was an acronym that kept in mind: SVE (EVS in Italian).

On that late night in March, I searched here and there on Google for jobs, as usual, but then this acronym came to mind and literally pushed me to type these three letters on the keyboard of my computer. That`s how the magic came about: I found that there were so many different projects, including music, then on child care, animal care, etc. I always wanted to volunteer and I didn`t know that even after university there was a chance to go to Erasmus. So it`s scilla, you have it! By magic, I found a new hope for me, someone really wanted me: I finally discovered that there was still a place in the world for me, and I felt it was absolutely necessary for me to discover it. After hard work (translation of my CV and presentation of my first cover letter), I started applying for all the projects I thought were for the most appropriate (or at least interesting) projects, and I always stressed my great love for cultures and languages and that this could be a “win-win” for both me and for organizations that would find my profile interesting. And I promised myself that I would accept the very first proposals that would await me, because in life, you really have to take the risk and jump into the void without even really knowing what you`re doing. This is exactly what I did: the first proposal came from Slovenia for a short-term project on the work of street youth in Domale (thirty minutes from Ljubljana). I was selected only four days after my application, and without hesitation.

I did the same when I first received the other proposal from Tatiana, the advisor to YPGD, an organization in Vukovar. “Vukovar? Where is the hell this place, for God`s sake! “,” I thought to myself. But there was still a voice inside me that told me that I finally found the key to unlocking all these great blockages of my life – in other words, I found my way. So, after signing my agreement to go to Doméale, I went back to my sending organization Stranaidea (to which I proposed YPGD) to sign the second agreement, to live u Vukovaru for six months, after spending my very first month of volunteering in Slovenia.