Additional Agreement For

No provision of this agreement or additional agreement can be declared or qualified by agreement, negotiation, understanding, discussion, behaviour or conduct or commercial use. . The contracts listed in Schedule 5.8 are the only contracts that bind the company or are related to any of the company`s assets that have consented, approved, approved, ordered or other deeds of a person as a result of the execution, supply and execution of this agreement or a complementary agreement to which the company is or will be bound, or the conclusion of the transactions in question , or , an “enterprise agreement”). . . . 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, unless explicit or explicit in an endorsement is made, there is no condition for the effectiveness of a provision of this provision or provision. . The company executed a copy of any endorsement in which it or one of its shareholders participated and delivered it to the parent company. None of the performance, delivery or delivery by the Entity of this contract or of an additional agreement to which the entity is or will be a stakeholder, or the completion of the proposed transactions or the transmission transaction requires any agreement, authorization, license, order or other measure of the authority or registration or registration, declaration or filing with a public authority. , with the exception of filing the merger certificate with the DGCL.

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